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What you need to know about Data Governance roles and responsibilities

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The Who’s Who of Data Governance If you’re just starting out on your Data Governance journey, you may very well feel like you are playing the classic 80’s board game ‘Guess Who?’ when it comes to sorting out who should be doing what. There are a number of different roles and responsibilities needed when you […]

Changing Jobs in a Global Pandemic: The New First 100 Days of the CISO

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Focusing ONLY on tactical firefighting is a major mistake, even in a global pandemic The last twelve month have changed things considerably for the CISO.  Cyber security has been centre-stage, and even more now after the SolarWinds and Colonial hacks. Still, this could be a blessing or a curse. The pandemic keeps evolving on a […]

Can I fast-track the creation of my data glossary by using standard definitions?

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Data Governance takes a long time, and particularly in the early phases, it takes quite a lot of effort. Therefore, it is understandable that people look for ways to speed this process up. One of the ways I am often asked if this can be done is by fast-tracking the creation of items in a […]