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The difference between a Data Catalogue and a Data Glossary

Written by .

Data Governance is full of lots of jargon and terminology which can mean different things to different people. It’s all very subjective and this is usually because of the culture within a particular organisation. The way the various terms are applied within organisations can vary their meaning. And that’s ok – but you should also […]

What is data stewardship?

Written by .

If you Google ‘data governance’ you will find that the terms ‘data stewardship’ and ‘data ownership’ appear alongside the many definitions of data governance. Over the years I have found that this tends to confuse people because they think that must mean governance, stewardship, and ownership are all different concepts. However, they are not different […]

Cyber Security: There are still Problems at the Top

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Only a cultural shift across the Boardroom can move the needle The survey released by BT Security in January 2021 (“CISOs under the spotlight”) is interesting, if only by the size of the population surveyed (over 7,000 people) and its triple focus on consumers, employees and business leaders. But its findings are problematic, in particular […]