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Cyber Security can be a Pillar of any Corporate Post-Pandemic Agenda

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But are the CISOs ready for it? A comment left on one of my articles made me think: How can cyber security leaders drive a long-term transformative agenda, with a business and a board that cannot see beyond the short-term? I see several angles worth discussing around the way the question was put, which may […]

Can I use our existing IT Incident Management Process for Data Quality issues?

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Getting to the root of a data quality issue I’ve recently been going over with a client the pros and cons of utilising their IT incident management process to handle data quality issues. IT incident management involves the creation of a log to help record and manage any issues that crop up in relation to […]

The Problem with Cyber Security ROI

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CISOs being asked those questions should look beyond the topic itself and face the underlying issues it might be hiding. If the reporting line of the CISO is the oldest ongoing topic of discussion amongst cyber security communities, security ROI is probably the second oldest… In reality, it hides several endemic problems which have been […]