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Time to Bring the Cyber Security Technical Debt under Control

Written by .

Stop buying more tech for the sake of it and start focusing on the decluttering of your cyber security landscape. For the past two decades, most large organizations have kept addressing cyber security as a purely technical problem. And let’s face it: Many are failing to protect themselves, not just because the threats morph constantly […]

Getting Things Done: The Secret Sauce for the CISO

Written by .

The key around cyber security remains: Execution, Execution and Execution. The short tenure of the CISO continues to generate a vast amount of debate, aggravated by the COVID pandemic and the “great resignation” episode that it is inducing. Looking beyond its reasons, the short tenure of the CISO raises another question: What do you actually […]

Do I really need data governance when I’m doing Master Data Management?

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This is a question that I have been asked many times over the years and my answer is always an unequivocal “yes”! Of course that is always followed up with the question “why”? And that one is a little harder to answer… You can easily Google and find plenty of people that will tell you […]