Christine H. Ashton FBCS, CISSP

About Christine

Christine has held Global CIO/CTO/SVP/ NED digital roles for 20 years. Her experience is in driving business and technology transformation and disruptive agendas in large scale , customer focussed and complex data driven corporations inc: Media, Information and data services, Consumer Retail and Telecomms, Oil & Energy, Utilities, Integrated Transport, Global Chemicals Manufacturing and Supply Chain.

Professional Background

Non-Executive Director - 5 year term at H.M. Home Office and Passport Agency.

Extensive CEO/CIO and Innovation and Technology advisory board experience over 20 years.

Strategy advisor to BCS.

Christine thrives where she can be a transformational and a change initiator; leader of high profile global digitisation, product change, organisational and technology re-design to increase agility and leverage innovator and supplier ecosystems.

She also cares very much about the development of the technology industry as a whole to be a diverse and fulfilling workplace. Strong advocate of workplace change and inclusivity. She has championed many initiatives to build a stronger talent pipeline for our industry by encouraging and supporting initiatives to promote young people, minorities and women that have received industry recognition.

She is consistently Rated, almost every year since they started, in the CIO/ UK Tech / Women in IT and 'most influential' Industry awards.

Enterprise Systems Strategy

Enterprise Systems (ES) strategy and the subsequent implementation decisions are some of the most critical decisions organisations encounter. A modern real-time ES digital backbone is no longer a nice to have. Failure to deliver as planned could very quickly put a company out of business. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is one of the most critical pieces of any ES strategy. Boards want to ensure that the decision making process to change them creates business implementation goals that everyone can buy-in to. One way to do that is to engage a provider that’s independent to facilitate the process and to ‘pressure test’ execution plans.

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