Delivering sustainability with quantum safety and real-time AI

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Modernisation has been synonymous with cloud migrations, but for the coming years mainframes could be the real innovation drivers. Sectors like financial services, government agencies, oil and gas, scientific research, global manufacturing have always relied on mainframes to process high volumes of data, business transactions and thousands of concurrent requests.

Much of the cloud already runs on mainframes. The new generation of mainframes are faster, more efficient, with lower operating costs and with processors that have AI acceleration built-in, enabling things like real-time fraud detection and IoT data processing.

In this Focus event we will explore how we can

  • consolidate the on-premise data center on a smaller footprint
  • modernise applications for a hybrid cloud architecture
  • innovate with real-time AI and quantum safety

Event Date

Monday, 3rd October 2022

Event Time

12.30 to 5 pm

Event Location

Home House, London


Duncan Jones

Head of Quantum Cybersecurity at Quantinuum
CIO WaterCooler Consultants Speaker Duncan Jones

Duncan Jones is a cybersecurity expert and the Head of Quantum Cybersecurity at Quantinuum.

Duncan has over 13 years of experience developing security solutions for global companies, including Thales, Arm and Worldpay.

He has led teams in various disciplines, including innovation, research, strategy and product management, working across a range of industries, from hardware security and payments to IoT.

In his current role, Duncan oversees all cybersecurity activities at Quantinuum, including the development and commercialization of Quantum Origin, the first platform to derive cryptographic keys using the output of a quantum computer.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Cambridge.

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