Fixing the developer experience to unlock innovation

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Companies are hitting a wall. They have gone as far as they could with improvements in the UI and customer experience layer, but don’t have the access to the data they need for truly data-driven innovation. Data is tied up in legacy ERP systems, obsolete proprietary formats or dozens of unconnected applications.

The struggle to attract, hire and retain talent for lots of legacy systems also creates skills gaps that slow down many organisations. Moving to a more coherent, simplified architecture, with modern tooling that automates away the really boring stuff, creates an environment that developers want to work in.

Join this Digital Boardroom to explore what a modern developer platform looks like and how to

  • build high-performance teams on Agile and DevOps principles
  • equip the organisation with a culture of delivery
  • deliver new products faster and achieve Digital Greatness

Event Date

Saturday, 26th November 2022

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12.55 pm to 2 pm

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Mairead O’Connor

Business Unit Managing Director at AND Digital
CIO WaterCooler Consultants Speaker Mairead O’Connor

Mairead leads a business unit at AND Digital, a fast growing digital consultancy. She has worked in the tech industry for two decades, advising clients in media, retail, FS and government; from enterprise-scale companies to small scaleups. She builds high-performing software development teams to effectively solve business problems by delivering sustainable, maintainable software products.

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