Post Pandemic Priority

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Three major themes in the return to work narrative are pandemic recovery, digital transformation and business growth.
  • How can businesses prepare now to capitalise on opportunities in the post-pandemic economy?
  • What role does technology play in creating a business environment that connects and empowers employees?
  • What are likely to be the main drivers of business growth over the next 12 months?

Event Date

Thursday, 10th December 2020

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14:55 - 16:30

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Gareth Johns

Senior Director, Vertical Solutions | RingCentral
CIO WaterCooler Consultants Speaker Gareth Johns

At RingCentral, Gareth is driving transformation with customers through addressing their business challenges and identifying how the RingCentral platform can provide a great user and customer experience. Gareth has a diverse background in the IT and Telecoms industry, working for a range of organisations in all sectors, from multi-national companies to joint venture start-ups. Prior to joining RingCentral, Gareth was the Group CTO and a Principal Consultant at PTS Consulting, a leading independent technology consulting firm. Throughout his career Gareth has focused on new technology development in both client-side and supplier-side roles, addressing business issues through strategy development, procurement and successful implementation and adoption of new technology.


Christine Ashton

CEO, Cogventive
CIO WaterCooler Consultants Speaker Christine Ashton

Christine regularly advises executives on the technical, business strategy and deployment aspects of transformational change. She was recently a delivery partner for a global separation programme, which successfully delivered an’ intelligent enterprise’ transformation leveraging S/4 HANA and Model company accelerators. She is an experienced CIDO with a considerable amount of International and large-scale blue-chip experience in oil and gas; energy and utilities; transport; Information services, global chemicals; logistics; retail; telecom and customer service industries.
Christine is an Independent Non-Executive (INED) director with the UK’s Payments Operator, Pay.UK and BACS, she chairs the industry’s New Payments Architecture Committee. She has previously held INED roles with H.M Home Office and advisory roles with leading technology companies and start-up techs.

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