Strategic Service Management – Enterprise Discovery and Strange New Worlds

Event Detail

Organisations are moving to cloud infrastructures and embracing the service mindset to go with that, to break down silos, lean workflows and reduce overheads.

Legacy IT Service Management (ITSM) was designed for the old on-premise world and has given ITSM framework ITIL a bad reputation in some corners as being constraining and inflexible, but ITIL4 embraces modern ways of working like Agile and DevOps.

IT organisations have the opportunity to expand service management to business teams and into the enterprise.

In this Focus event we will explore

  • more collaborative, iterative, and customer-centric approaches to service management
  • how to bring IT, Dev and business teams together on a unified platform
  • why organisational change is key to success

Event Date

Monday, 5th December 2022

Event Time

12.30 to 5 pm

Event Location

The Edwardian Hotel, Manchester


Erin Collins

Global Head of the ITSM Practice at Valiantys
CIO WaterCooler Consultants Speaker Erin Collins

Erin Collins has spent over 23 years in IT service management across multiple industries in the US and UK, including telecom, banking and insurance, working with teams and transforming ways of working using ITIL and leveraging Six Sigma practices to achieve business value. She subscribes to the firm conviction that all teams can benefit from applying ITIL and Lean principles to their service delivery.

When not evangelizing about service management, Six Sigma and ITIL, Erin seeks to achieve sourdough nerdvana and ambitiously runs the beautiful trails and chalk cliffs of her adopted home in the UK.

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