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Technology expertise for business advantage

At the CIO WaterCooler Consultants team of experienced CIOs and expert practitioners, we identify the right talent at the right time to meet your specific needs.

Whether this is an innovation and strategic advisory partner to validate your business strategies and/or identify technologies required to achieve digital transformation or an implementation partner to design, build, run or recover your large scale IT operations and services or simply to give advice and guidance to mentor your technology leadership team and senior executives.

Our team of carefully selected senior CIOs and leading expert practitioners are identified and recruited from members of our unique and exclusive partnership with the CIO WaterCooler. The CIO WaterCooler is a community of 30,000 CIOs and leading technologists from around the world, who share best practice, news and views, the challenges facing the industry and how technology can help businesses innovate and be competitive. This ensures our team at CIO WaterCooler Consultants always keeps abreast of technology innovation and understands how they can positively impact your business.

Sharing best practice, demonstrating thought leadership and benchmarking your strategy are all key to becoming a successful CIO and technology leader. The CIO WaterCooler helps you do just that.

Jim Dubois

Ex Global CIO, Microsoft

We will work with you and support you until such a time you can create and /or up skill your own technology and business leadership team, so that they can become the leaders you need for a sustainable and successful future. This may be through one of our services:

And in all cases supporting our CIOs in the near-impossible task of having to keep abreast of ever-changing technologies, legislation and business demands is our pool of carefully selected expert practitioners. 

Ad-hoc CIO Advisor

Whatever sector you’re in, your business is under constant threat from a competitor, known or unknown, that has a policy of maximising the innovative use of software, hardware, algorithms and the internet, with a new business and technology model, and a mission to disrupt your business and take your market share. 

To fend them off and keep at least one step ahead, you need to be constantly thinking like them but better, and competing with yourselves!  Every company, large or small, new on the block or with a long and proud history, needs to be in a permanent state of reinvention and embrace change.

Our Ad-hoc Executive CIO Advisory Services provide critical insight that assures you are optimising your technology strategy and investment so that you stay ahead in your competitive market. The CIO WaterCooler Consultants experienced team of CIOs and subject matter expert practitioners use high quality research from our analyst partner Bloor Research, who are vendor independent with no solution sell on.

A CIO WaterCooler Consultants’ Ad-hoc Executive CIO advisor will provide you with expert guidance, pro-active support and easy accessibility throughout the term of the engagement.  The service is delivered either face to face or via conference call facilities with an assigned dedicated CIO.

Areas covered include, but are not limited to:

  • Digital transformation strategy
  • Technology roadmaps
  • Vendor landscape maps
  • Technology vendor selection
  • Contract negotiations
  • CXO and boardroom advisory

All supported by our extensive pool of expert practitioners and analyst partner Bloor Research.

Enquire about our Advisory Service.

Fractional CIO

Designed for businesses that cannot justify the appointment of a full-time CIO but could benefit from working with one on a part-time basis that has relevant industry and technology experience and expertise and just as importantly, has a strong cultural fit.

All our Fractional CIOs have been carefully selected from the 30,000 members of CIO WaterCooler Community to identify the appropriate match for your business.

A Fractional CIO has all the benefits of having a full-time CIO on board as and when you need them but at a fraction of the cost.

Areas covered include, but are not limited to:

  • Day to day management responsibility for part or all of the Technology team
  • Independent technology advisor to your Executive team
  • Provide market and technology insight
  • Mentor and coach in-house IT professionals

All supported by our extensive pool of subject matter Expert Practitioners.

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Trusted CIO Partner

A Trusted Partner CIO offers a flexible extension to an IT organisation or programme management team.

We can provide professional support to large scale technology and process dependent businesses to assist with business and technology strategy through to the delivery of complex technology change programmes, often at short notice. Our CIOs unique experience means we understand the senior management and business challenges involving people, organisation, process and technology.

The CIOs and IT directors of these businesses can now benefit from having ‘another one of me’; using the skills of someone who has occupied a similar CIO or IT director’s role in large organisations.

Areas covered include, but are not limited to:

  • Development of a business-driven road map for technology infrastructure
  • Carrying out a Digital Transformation diagnostic audit
  • Project and programme management and/or recovery
  • Provide an independent project assurance capability to assess periodically progress against plan and objectives

All supported by our extensive pool of subject matter Expert Practitioners.

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Mentor CIO

Our mentoring services for CEOs and Top Team Leaders, IT Leaders, and technology teams provides independent support and guidance, delivered via a series of one-to-one mentoring meetings, either online or face-to-face with a dedicated experienced CIO supported by our specialist HR Partners Reality HR.

Each engagement is tailored to suit the individual or team’s needs.

For IT leaders this may be a formal assessment of technical skills as well as their business and management competencies to ensure future rounded development or for top team leaders this may be gaining a better understanding of how to assess the nature of an investment and maximise its return, the risks and how to best manage them.

Often employees that grow with an organisation start with specific but limited experience and learn the rest ‘on the job’ as the organisation evolves, and they gain additional responsibilities. We assist in professionalising these capabilities by looking at day-to-day issues with either individuals or teams. In doing so, we work together and explore how to deal with their challenges and use this opportunity to transfer skills, ideas and experience.

Areas covered include, but are not limited to:

  • IT Leaders skills and competency audit
  • Mentoring an existing IT team
  • CEO’s and Top Team Leaders mentoring

All supported by our specialist HR partner Reality HR.

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