SQL Engines on Hadoop

There are many SQL on Hadoop engines, but they are suited to different use cases: this report considers which engines are best for which sets of requirements.

Author/s:Philip Howard

What’s Hot in Data

In this paper, we have identified the potential significance of a wide range of data-based technologies that impact on the move to a data-driven environment.

Author/s:Philip Howard

Instrumenting the Virtualised Datacentre … for Performance SLA’s – On the path to a single view of infrastructure performance across the enterprise

To deliver services reliably, companies need seamless access to application-centric performance metrics across their infrastructure, whether on-premises or in the cloud.

Author/s:David Norfolk,Paul Bevan

Conformiq Creator and Conformiq Transformer

This a technical evaluation of Conformiq’s products for Test Design Automation.

Author/s:Daniel Howard,Philip Howard

The new reality for government

The UK government has little option but to rethink the way it operates by moving beyond digital transformation to digital reinvention.

Author/s:Paul Bevan,Martin Banks

Overcoming GDPR compliance challenges – steps to take and the pitfalls to avoid

The challenges and pitfalls involved in GDPR compliance and how to overcome them.

Author/s:Fran Howarth,David Norfolk

The MENTIS Data and Application Security Platform

This paper is a discussion and technical evaluation of the MENTIS Data and Application Security Platform.

Author/s:Daniel Howard,Philip Howard

Testplant Eggplant AI

This paper is a discussion and technical evaluation of Eggplant AI and related products in the Testplant Digital Automation Intelligence Suite.

Author/s:Daniel Howard


Trendalyze describes its core capability as the discovery of motifs (and anomalies) within time series data. You can think of a motif as a micro-pattern but it is more accurately a shape. Once a motif of interest is discovered, or…

Author/s:Philip Howard

From Insight to Action – How Decision-Making Platforms are Changing the Game

A look at how by combining CPM and BI capability, Board International offers insight that separate technologies cannot match.

Author/s:David Norris

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