MDR: a path to outcome-based security – Keys to defining and deriving value

The use of technology has becoming a driving force in business, helping drive innovation and supporting the need for efficiency and profitability. But investing in technology is not always a panacea. In the area of cyber security threat detection and response, the situation is complicated – and so is the technology that has been developed to help organisations to defend themselves. Investing in technology alone is no longer sufficient if an organisation is measuring those investments in terms of a more secure environment. Security services, informed on the best way to protect organisations and their technologies are essential.

MDR services answer these needs and are proving to be a boon for organisations in their efforts to achieve their goals in defeating adversaries and shielding themselves from harm. Looking under the covers, there are a number of key capabilities that all MDR services must offer if their promise is to be fulfilled.

Author/s: Fran Howarth

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