TrendMiner, a Software AG company

TrendMiner is a self-service analytics solution designed for domain experts within the process manufacturing space, providing trend analysis and root cause identification in the case of production issues, and predictive capabilities.

TrendMiner is used to analyse time-series data that has been collected from perhaps millions of sensors spread across a process manufacturing site. There are three principle components within the product: TrendHub, ContextHub and DashHub. The first is used for actual trend and root cause analysis, but also allows you to monitor good process behaviour, providing early warnings. It may also be used with soft sensors. The second hub is used to capture automatically generated or manually entered operational events and is also used to augment the collected data with third party contextual information, such as SAP PM, LIMS or ERP systems. The third hub is used to make analytics-driven visualisations for creating personal production cockpits.

Author/s: Philip Howard

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