Strategic Partners

To meet today’s challenging business landscape of new technologies, new ways of working and new business models, CIO WaterCooler Consultants has partnered with two select companies to offer the breadth of services, reach and geographical coverage needed to drive the end to end transformational changes necessary across all these areas.

We know each of them very well, we collaborate with them, we trust them, and we know the high value their respective services offer.​

 We partner with Reality HR – specialists in people.

We know that keeping employees trained and engaged, attracting top talent and managing risk are just some of the challenges you are faced with every day and we wondered if you’d considered outsourcing all or some of your HR? We believe doing so is guaranteed to free up your time allowing you to concentrate on your core business, and we’ve found that our trusted partners, Reality HR, are the right people to help support your every HR need.
Reality HR will work in partnership with you to provide a personalised HR service supporting the success of your business.

Why are they different? They understand that every business, like every person, is different. They will take the time to listen, learn and understand the way you work, getting to know the unique opportunities and the challenges you and your teams face. They will then work in close partnership with you to deliver bespoke HR services that help your people, and your business, to thrive and grow.

Offering a full range of HR services, including regular day-to-day support, strategic consultancy, one-off project work, and a rapid response service for those challenging times when urgent support is required, get in touch with Reality HR today to find out more about how their tailored service can help you. Find out more about how they work, meet the team and read what their clients say by visiting:

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